Travellers’ medical records now held on USB sticks

Individuals who are travelling abroad will now be able to carry their medical records on a credit card-sized USB device.

The Crosscard personal medical record card stores the data in two areas – an emergency area that contains information that is publicly available and a protected area that can only be accessed by entering a password.

The Crosscard has been invented by Advanced Health & Care (AHC) and will be rolled out by InterHealth, a specialist medical charity that provides health services to major international agencies involved in humanitarian relief and poverty reduction across the world.

The card will be rolled out over the next few months on a trial basis and will be made available to private GP and occupational health provider patients.

Each card will enable its holder to access and share their medical records from anywhere in the world. Key medical data held on the Crosscard can also be accessed by emergency services personnel should the cardholder become ill or unconscious.

Crosscard can hold medical information including blood group, blood pressure readings, details of any allergies or medical conditions, medication being taken and test results. To update the card details, the card plugs into a PC or laptop’s USB port, enabling key medical information to be accessed and updated within seconds.

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