Pfizer has biggest marketing spend and best social media presence

A new report from healthcare technology and services company Cegedim has investigated how much the world’s top 100 pharmaceutical companies spent on traditional sales force and marketing channel spend as well as their presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Pfizer achieved first place for traditional spend and has also achieved the best social media presence – it’s in third position for the number of likes on Facebook and first position for the number of followers on Twitter.

Whilst Novartis came second in terms of traditional spend, its position for social media was far less impressive, coming in 17th for the number of likes of Facebook and fifth for the number of Twitter followers.

Meanwhile, Merck & Co achieved eclectic results. It ranks tenth for the number of Facebook likes, but comes top for the number of pages. Similarly, it ranks 15th for the number of Twitter followers but third for the number of tweets.

Johnson & Johnson came second for the number of Facebook likes whilst Roche came second for the number of Twitter followers.

Christopher Wooden, head of promotion audits at CSD said: “The study shows clearly that most major life science companies are establishing a presence in social media – but coverage, methods and sophistication do vary significantly.

“We can see an attempt by companies to reach out and create a positive, on-going message about their contribution to better health. The ability to target that message and encourage constructive dialogue through social media will bring value.”

Pfizer and Grunenthal bag brand new digital pharma awards

Pharma giants Pfizer and Grunenthal have won a new award for excellence in digital pharma marketing.

Senior employees at the two companies were winners at the PharmaTimes Marketeer of the Year Awards. Grunenthal’s UK Senior Marketing Manager Matt Lowe was named Digital Innovator in the UK, while Pfizer’s European Brand Director Robert Collingbourne was awarded the European title.

This marks the first year that PharmaTimes has officially recognised digital excellence in the pharma industry. The magazine says that the awards are for those who “embrace the new opportunities presented by digital marketing in an innovative and ground breaking way but within the spirit and code of the relevant regulatory frameworks”.

Other finalists nominated for the new awards include people from Shire, Roche, MSD, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim and Amgen.

MHRA wins award for digital communications output

A medical device and drug email alerting service has been honoured with an award for its achievements.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) runs a free healthcare alerting service via its website consisting of 74 content channels covering a wide range of topics including safety and regulatory information and latest news. Users can then choose the subjects that are of particular interest to them and then receive alerts as soon as any relevant information is published.

The service has won an award for Excellence in Digital Communications from GovDelivery, a leading provider of government-to-citizen solutions for the public sector.

GovDelivery chose to award MHRA for achieving “an amazing engagement rate” of 78.9% – the highest of all GovDelivery’s UK clients.

Last year the MHRA sent over 10 million emails via its free alerting service, and has issued over eight million so far this year on various topics associated with healthcare. The service currently has more than 42,500 subscribers.

Rachel Bosworth, director of communications at the MHRA, said: “This is a fantastic recognition of the MHRA’s commitment to keeping our audiences informed through timely and targeted communications.”

“We are absolutely thrilled with our achievement and to be recognised for our focus on engaging effectively with our stakeholders.”

A testament to the ubiquity and importance of digital healthcare marketing and communication in the early 21st Century.

Janssen and NHS team up to offer new social network for GPs

One of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical companies has launched a social network-based service for doctors who are involved in commissioning mental health services.

Janssen is teaming up with the NHS Confederation Mental Health Network to link up GPs using Yammer, which is a social networking programme not dissimilar to Twitter. It is often used within organisations to help colleagues communicate with each other quickly.

The partnership has arisen because clinical commissioning groups are set to take over responsibility for commissioning many NHS services in England. It will be one of the largest spending areas for GP commissioners. Digital pharma marketing services are therefore likely to play an important role in this.

The NHS Confederation says that many GPs have already expressed an interest in the social networking service. It will give GP commissioners policy information and evidence-based approaches and will also help them share best practice and gain opportunities to learn from current commissioners of mental health services.

GPs who join will also be given the opportunity to meet face-to-face at dedicated regional events.

Isabel Laas, business unit director at Janssen, said: “The transition of mental health commissioning to primary care will raise questions and challenges for the effective delivery of care to patients. This partnership is a fantastic opportunity to help GPs optimise the way in which people affected by mental illness are managed by the NHS.”