Digital Strategy Workshop

digital-dna-test-smallAre you prepared for the digital healthcare revolution?

As digital and mobile technologies continue to evolve and grow in popularity, the healthcare and pharma sectors are having to quickly adapt in order to meet the demands of the modern day patient and healthcare professional. But in order to develop a sound strategy and allocate resources to digital projects senior management and marketers need to understand the effectiveness of their existing digital initiatives. To help them do this, Genetic Digital is offering a tailored Digital Strategy workshop, which we’re calling the Digital DNA Test. The session will involve a study of your organisation’s current digital presence (on its own and in relation to your competitors) across three key areas:

3-As1 – Assets

We will assess how well you’re taking advantage of digital and mobile assets like websites, apps and video (inline with compliance).

2 – Acquisition

We will assess how well you’re using digital channels like search engines & social media to acquire & retain customers.

3 – Analysis

We will assess how well you’re taking full advantage of analytics tools and if you’re capturing the right metrics to help measure and improve performance.

To help guide you down the right path, we will set up a simple traffic light decision filter that will aid in prioritising your findings.

  • Green – Continue your current course. Monitor and look for incremental improvement.
  • Yellow – Pause and assess. Adjust based on priorities and capacity.
  • Red – Stop and fill gaps. Change strategic/tactical direction based on objectives and budget.

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European Commission to adopt a Green Paper on mobile Health

Today, a Green Paper on mobile health (mHealth) will be published by the European Commission. mHealth covers all medical and public health practice that is supported by mobile devices. This document will launch a community discussion process that will continue until 2 July 2014.

Covering all practice supported by mobile devices – including tablets, smartphones, and other wireless devices mHealth also includes wellbeing and lifestyle apps that connect to sensors and other medical devices. This is an important and emergent part of eHealth where Information as well as Communication Technology is used to improve services, processes and health products.

The Commission will be looking at several issues surrounding mHealth:

  • Data protection
  • Patient safety
  • Users trust
  • Input to the delivery of healthcare of the highest quality
  • The level at which this should be applied e.g. – national, regional, or EU wide.

As well as the Green Paper, European Commission direction will also be given through a Staff Working Document, to those involved in app development. This will analyse existing EU legal frameworks currently applicable that are applicable to wellbeing and to lifestyle apps.

There is no doubt that mHealth can help to tackle some of the challenges that our healthcare structure faces. And according to a report by PWC mHealth could potentially deliver €99 billion in care costs by 2017. It is a fast evolving field with the potential to improve healthcare quality and improve efficiency by offering support to professionals in healthcare and in the area of patient treatment. It will also facilitate continuity of care. Some estimates show that as much as 30% of time spent accessing or analysing information could be saved if medical professionals used mHelath-based technology. Remote monitoring facilities could help many more patients live independently supported by technological monitoring systems. Despite this potential, the uptake of mHealth, at present, remains restricted in EU countries and healthcare authorities may look for more confirming evidence before they are prepared to adopt mHealth more comprehensively.

Some criticisms have been:

  • Lack of observance and transparency might make users wary of placing their trust in these apps, which may impact on market development.
  • Insufficient knowledge among developers with regard to the legalities applicable to lifestyle and well-being apps.

It is hoped that the Staff Working Document being issued with the Green Paper, will raise awareness amongst app developers of the rules being imposed by the EU surrounding issues of data protection, and will assist them in determining whether the legislation is applicable to their app, or not. It will also issue consumer directives.
At Genetic Digital we have been in the vanguard of this new technology and we were asked, as trail blazers in this field to take part in an interview on the subject being covered by BBC News.

Some of the areas of concern have been:

  1. How mHealth can be aligned with national health care strategies
  2. Technology/Interoperability standards
  3. Data protection and security
  4. Regulation and compliance keeping pace with development
  5. Getting patients and HCP involved earlier during solutions
  6. Lack of evidence of economic or clinical benefit – (it is worth noting that before email became widespread Intel surveys showed that most people claimed not to want it.)

The era of mHealth has arrived.

Stage 1
At this first stage consumer friendly products link fitness to general wellbeing as seen with Jawbone/Fitbit.

Stage 2
Apps and mobile connected devices permeate the medical field (we have entered this stage)

Stage 3
Mobile, wearables & data-collection devices mesh together to provide the backbone for optimisation & customisation of preventative health, medical treatment & hospital processes.

This is new and exciting technology and the release of the Green Paper is a step to its validation. In years to come will we wonder, as we do now with email technology, how we ever managed without it?

View the Green Paper

If you’d like to respond to the paper visit the EU website where the paper is published

Genetic Digital interviewed by BBC

Russell Hughes interviewed by BBC News about the EU Green Paper on mobile health (mHealth)

On the 8th April, Jeremy Howell from BBC News visited the Genetic Digital office to interview Operations Director – Russell Hughes about the EU Green Paper on mobile health (mHealth) that was being published on the 10th April. In the interview Jeremy asked for Russell’s views on healthcare and medical app compliance and how mHealth is reshaping the way healthcare is being delivered.