Web Design & Digital Marketing Services

We offer a range of integrated web design and digital marketing services that will enable you to promote your pharma, healthcare or medical brand to your various target audiences.

  • Digital Audit & Strategy
  • Website Design & Development
  • Mobile Web & Medical App Development
  • Search Engine, Social Media & Online Marketing
  • Digital Measurement & Tracking
  • Ebook Creation
Digital Audit & Strategy

If you’re uncertain that digital can play an effective role in your business and marketing strategy then we can carry out a digital audit for your business and create a digital strategy for you. We will recommend which digital channels can be used effectively to help you achieve your objectives. We will also develop an appropriate action plan that will detail the various digital assets you’ll need create in order to ‘work’ that channel effectively.
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Website Design & Build

Your website should be an effective communication tools, an integral part of your marketing tool kit. There many different elements that need to be carefully blended together to achieve an online presence that is right for your business. Competitor analysis, keyword research, great design that your audience can relate to, how visitors move through the website, well crafted and interesting content and how well it converts your visitors to performing a particular action should all be part of that mix. We can help you to plan and develop your website to help achieve your online business objectives. Learn more about our healthcare website design services.
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Mobile Web & Medical App Development

Consumers and business professionals are increasingly using their mobiles, smartphones and tablet PCs to access the Web. If you want to effectively engage with these individuals then you need to ensure that your website displays properly across those different platforms.  The iPhone and iPad are revolutionary devices that are growing in popularity. Because of their crystal clear screens these devices are providing pharma and medical marketers with new and exciting ways to promote their products and services. Our medical App developers can work with you to help you develop and market your custom iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile & Blackberry applications and develop the supporting web services for your apps also.
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Search Engine, Social Media & Online Marketing

Once you’ve built your website you then need to attract your target audience to that site so that you can start to engage with them. There are many digital marketing techniques that you can use to promote your site: pay per click advertising, Facebook promotion, LinkedIn marketing, search engine optimisation (‘healthcare SEO‘), email marketing, social media and online advertising. Because we have a solid understanding of what works and more importantly what doesn’t work within your sector, we will develop and implement digital marketing campaigns that won’t waste you time and money.
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Digital Measurement & Tracking

As with any marketing activity it’s important that you have a robust way of measuring the impact of your online marketing efforts. When it comes to online marketing there are many software packages that will enable you to capture data for analysis. We can remove the headache of trying to assess which tools you should use. We can also work with you to install the software and provide on-going support to help you interpret the data and turn it into meaningful information that you can act on.
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Ebook Creation

If you are looking to promote a medical paper or large product brochure then you may want to consider creating an ebook version as opposed to just a simple pdf version. With the emergence of electronic ebook readers, such as the Kindle, iPad and the Sony, there are now many new ebook formats and it’s important that you convert any publication you create into the correct output format if you are wanting your target audience to easily read your publication via their ebook reader.  We can help you convert your publication into the right file format so that it can be downloaded on to the various ebook readers. We can also help you to promote that publication to the various target audiences.
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