Alliance Healthcare

Search engine optimisation campaign for Alliance Healthcare

Project Description

Alliance Healthcare is the Pharmaceutical Wholesale Division of Walgreens Boots Alliance. They supply medicines, other healthcare products and related services to more than 140,000 pharmacies, doctors, health centres and hospitals each year in 12 countries. The organisation wanted to improve the online performance of its wholesale businesses so we were asked to develop and implement a digital strategy that would involve implementing a series of pilot search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns for several of their pharmaceutical wholesale brands.

The specific objectives were to:

  • Develop a digital strategy and road-map to help each brand improve online performance
  • Roll-out a series of pilot SEO campaigns to demonstrate the value of the ‘Search’ channel
  • Increase the volume and value of leads coming from search engines like Google
  • Help the organisation to develop a digital mind-set and knowledge base so that successful digital tactics could be rolled-out across the wholesale division

Our Approach

As well as consulting on website architecture, our strategy was to split each brands’ target market into identifiable audiences and to develop specific healthcare SEO campaigns to help reach and engage with those audiences online. We also set-up tracking mechanisms that integrated with their CRM systems so they could track performance and measure ROI. Our specific tactics included:

  • Working alongside their web developers to optimise site structure for search engines and online conversions
  • Identify key phrases, social media sites and online communities used by their target audience looking for information relating to each product and service area
  • Develop digital assets such as infographics and case studies to help engage with potential new customers
  • Manage search engine optimisation campaigns to increase visibility of the new websites on search engines such as Google
  • Recommend content strategies to help each brand engage more effectively with their target audience
  • Build backlinks to each of the brand websites using content syndication and blogger outreach tactics
  • Measure the performance of the campaigns using Google Analytics

Keyword Research

Technical Audit

Page Optimisation

Content Strategy

The Results

As a result of the SEO activity the websites quickly started to rank for a number of commercially valuable key phrases and this resulted in an increase in targeted visitors and leads.

As a result of the success of the pilot campaigns, the next phase of the SEO was signed-off. This involved rolling-out the SEO strategy and tactics to the other brands within the pharmaceutical wholesale division in both the UK and Europe.