Fertility App Design & Development Case Study

Medical device app integration using NFC for Fertility Focus


Fertility Focus chose Genetic Digital to design and build an app to integrate with their class 2 medical device.

Their sensor previously worked in conjunction with a dedicated hardware reader and our client saw an opportunity to improve the portability and user friendliness of the product by connecting the sensor to a mobile device. The OvuSense™ App collects fertility related data from the OvuSense™ Sensor that is then displayed on a smartphone or tablet in a user friendly manner.


OvuSense™ owned by Fertility Focus is a unique, real-time ovulation cycle monitoring system.
The OvuSense™ Sensor is be inserted overnight in the vagina during a woman’s cycle to collect temperature readings.

Sensor data is downloaded to the OvuSense™ App via an NFC interface – the same technology used in contactless payments.

The OvuSense™ App then plots a graph displaying the temperature curve throughout the cycle, and then predicts ovulation up to a day in advance, followed by a confirmation of the exact date of ovulation. We also helped the client in producing the required documentation for regulatory compliance. The OvuSense™ product comprising App and Sensor is CE marked under the Medical Devices Directive and FDA listed.

The App

Voted best fertility app by The Times

In a crowded market for app fertility trackers, we set out to make OvuSense completely different – a Class 2 registered medical device backed by an extensive portfolio of patents and clinical trials. Unlike any other product OvuSense provides 24 hours’ advance notice of ovulation – with clinically proven results.  Genetic Digital was a natural choice for our development project given their previous experience in connecting apps to medical devices.   Together, we’ve delivered a world beating product that makes a real difference to women that are trying to conceive.

The app has also been featured in the Daily Mail Online