Rosemont Pharmaceuticals.

Partnering with Rosemont for over 7 years to help them raise awareness of liquid medicines and drive sales using digital channels

  • App Development

    Building a Class 1 medical device mobile app designed to educate & assist health professionals and raise awareness of Rosemont’s products

  • SEO

    Managing pharma SEO campaigns designed to improve Rosemont’s visibility in the organic search results

Project Description

Rosemont Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of people through the development, manufacture and supply of liquid medicines.

Our brief was to assist Rosemont in developing a highly effective digital presence to help them raise awareness of dysphagia and liquid medicines. They needed to communicate with a diverse range of audiences including GPs, pharmacists, patients and carers, so they required a range of digital assets and campaigns to help them reach and engage with those different groups.

Our Solution

We worked alongside Rosemont during the early stages of their growth plans and we played a key role in helping them to evolve and future-proof their digital strategy as they grew. Rosemont partnered with us as their pharma marketing agency for over 7 years till they got acquired.

During that time, we designed and built ABPI compliant websites for them both ranging from patient microsites through to online ordering facilities integrated with backend CRM and inventory management systems. We also developed SEO strategy, launched a Class I medical device app and produced a range of patient education videos.

“I worked with Genetic Digital for over 7 years and trust the advice and solutions they offer. I always knew what was going on and I’m never left feeling confused by techno speak. Their approach to projects was solid, based on research with realistic objectives and their solutions are always practical and take into consideration the compliance aspects of promoting our medicines. I’ve recommended their digital services to others and would happily do so again.”

Jan Flynn, Marketing Manager, Rosemont Pharmaceuticals