Sleep Study App Case Study

Sleep Apnoea Clinical Study App for Passion for Life Healthcare


Passion for Life Healthcare are a leading supplier of sleep products and, in partnership with Genetic Digital, are in the process of developing a machine learning based sleep apnoea detection app. The machine learning algorithm is ‘trained’ with audio recordings of individual’s sleep which are subsequently labelled with the appropriate sleep activity of ‘breath’, ‘snore’ or ‘other’. To support development of the main app, a complimentary cross-platform app was needed to allow invited individuals to record their nights sleep and have it automatically uploaded to a central server in a format suitable for machine learning training.


In conjunction with a leading university, we developed an app and supporting cloud based backend that would allow users from all demographics to record their night’s sleep. A simple start/pause/stop interface was developed and options for a delayed start and timed finish were included. During use, formatted audio files are seamlessly uploaded every thirty seconds to a secure backend infrastructure. A bespoke administrative interface was developed allowing the client to inspect and download recordings in human and machine readable format. The client needed to restrict use of the app to invited users only so we developed a code generation, distribution and checking utility to quickly and easily control user access.


The app has been a huge success with hundreds of control group patients uploading their recordings which have subsequently been used to train the machine learning algorithm.

The App