Website design & development for TrakCel

Project Description

TrakCel is the market leading designer, developer and deliverer of integrated technologies specifically created to manage the international autologous and allogeneic cell, gene and immunotherapy supply chain. The TrakCel website was no longer up to date in terms of their position or their technology.

Feedback from various stakeholders had informed them that their the website didn’t immediately or clearly tell them what TrakCel does.

Our Approach

Genetic Digital were asked to design and develop a new website that reflected the company’s current direction and to help improve online communication with the company’s key audiences. The content needed to be more concise, less jargon/technical and more industry specific.

Alongside the new website build we also created an explainer video and incorporated key search engine optimisation tools into the back-end of the site to support an on-going SEO campaign.

UI Design

WordPress CMS

Custom Development

SEO Friendly