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App strategy and mHealth planning

Why Partner With Us?

From establishing the exact nature of your brief to making recommendations about the type of mobile app solution that best meets your needs, we can help you make informed decisions to ensure you achieve a return on your investment.

Unsure about how to develop your mHealth application strategy?

We provide mobile app strategy & planning expertise.

Health and medical apps are beginning to have a profound impact in terms of new methods of delivering healthcare and new techniques for managing health and fitness. There are still many opportunities for mHealth technology to help solve some of healthcare challenges we face.

Whether your goals are about improving clinical interaction between HCPs and patients, health and fitness measurement, medical education or hospital administration, adopting a strategic approach to your app project is more likely to deliver maximum commercial impact.

We will work alongside you to:

  • develop your mobile app strategy
  • assess the needs of your target audience
  • identify the most suitable app distribution model
  • decide which platforms to focus on
  • assess any compliance / regulatory / CE marking requirements
  • develop a software integration plan
  • develop an app connectivity solution for your smart medical device
  • develop a compliance plan for your medical device app and CE marking for your medical device app
  • pull together a robust security and data protection plan
  • develop a comprehensive specification document for mHealth application

View our healthcare, pharma & medical device app case studies for examples of the above, or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Medical Apps

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Will my app need CE Marking?

If you’re thinking about developing a medical app then you should be considering compliance as part of your overall project right from the start. If your app meets the definition of a medical device then it will need to be CE Marked. We’ve produced this free guide to get you up to speed on the basics of medical app compliance.

Medical app compliance eBook