Pay Per Click

We plan and manage highly optimised pay per click campaigns designed to achieve maximum brand exposure and return on investment from your media spend.

Pay per click advertising (PPC) is about getting your website placed where you want it in the sponsored/paid for listings on search engines using Google Adwords, social networks and on other large websites. Our integrated PPC marketing service will ensure that you’re using the most cost effective tactics for your digital campaign.

Whether you focus on search engine based PPC ads or a blend of both search and social media based pay per click advertising from day one is something we decide together. We can help you to decide which networks to focus on, how to make best use of display advertising, ‘re-targeting’ and cost per click based ad opportunities on social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Our healthcare PPC services include:
  • Developing your paid search strategy
  • Selecting which search engine networks to use, i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing etc
  • Keyword research including international keyword targeting
  • Setting up and developing all the creative for your campaigns
  • PPC bid and budget management
  • PPC tracking, reporting and optimisation
  • Online display PPC advertising
  • Social media based PPC advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn

Whatever strategy you pursue, you can rest assured, that with Genetic Digital managing your campaign – you’ll not only acquire targeted visitors but you’ll also get expert support to help you convert more visitors into customers and measure campaign performance.

What next?
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