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medical app developersAs digital marketing specialists for the medicines and pharma sectors, we are well placed to help you to design and develop your mobile veterinary app for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry platforms. Our approach to app development involves firstly understanding your business and marketing goals and the audiences you will want to market the app to.

We also have an understanding of the The Veterinary Medicinal Products Directive (VMD) and the Veterinary Medicines Regulation (VMR) that sets out the controls on the  marketing and advertising of veterinary medicines applicable in the UK.

Defining a Business Model – Paid ‘vs’ Free

We can also advise you on which business model might be most appropriate for your app design and development project. Once we have clearly understood what your business and marketing goals are we can work alongside you to develop your app distribution and promotion strategy so that you can reach and engage with your target audiences and encourage them to download your app.

Tracking Visitors to your Vet App

Once your vet app has been developed it is important to track its usage levels and to interact with its users to identify areas for improvement and obtain feedback on other new apps that might be of value to those audiences you are engaging with. We can set up ‘App Analytics’ to track its usage by adding tracking tags into the source code of the actual app. We can also recommend sophisticated app tracking tools to help you track all the standard metrics such as platform, device type, sessions and unique users but also offer event and screen tracking that will give you the ability to analyse conversion funnels, screen flows, feature usage, content access and advertising performance.

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