A digital audit to discover why your pharmaceutical business website is not receiving traffic

There is nothing more frustrating for a pharmaceutical or health care company than having invested significant resources into building a website and establishing a social media presence for it to result in a disappointing traffic flow.

Unfortunately however, this is all too common as an attractive website and a good company reputation is no guarantee of traffic. Today, the online world is intensely competitive and nowhere is this more the case than in the health and pharmaceutical industries. Industry players have invested huge sums in their digital marketing strategies and without specialist knowledge it can be extremely difficult to elbow into those markets, regardless of how good your content or attractive your design.

However that is not to say it is impossible; the internet is changing at breakneck pace and processes and activity that keep companies on top today may not be so efficient in the future.

The starting point for any improvement is a thorough examination of current digital assets. By using state of the art digital analytics and specialist software, it is possible to study website traffic and internet users’ habits to determine why a site is not generating desired traffic levels.

The results can then be used to build an online strategy to achieve higher performance levels from a pharmaceutical company’s digital assets. These can include a wide variety of actions from small keyword tweaks to entire website redesigns and the creation of new online portals.

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