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In the rapidly changing landscape of web, mobile and AI technology, healthcare and pharmaceutical organisations often feel they’re navigating a genetic maze.

Our mission? To clear the path and accelerate your digital transformation.

Your Digital Vision?
Expertly Engineered and Delivered

In the dynamic world of healthcare and life sciences, finding a development partner who truly understands your needs is crucial. We combine expertise in digital strategy, website design and app development with a deep understanding of the life sciences sector and the regulatory landscape.

We’re more than just developers; we are open and inquisitive professionals dedicated to crafting bespoke digital solutions. Whether it’s a minimum viable product or a major digital transformation project, our team is passionate about harnessing the power of digital technology to solve your unique challenges.

Our Solutions?
100% Focus On Life Sciences.

Dive into our lab where we boost your genetic code, and put your brand under the digital microscope to ensure you shine the brightest.

  • Development Strategy: Crafting web and mobile app strategies that align with your business goals.
  • Website & App Solutions: Whether it’s crafting engaging corporate websites, developing targeted product microsites for HCPs and patients, or medical device apps we enhance your brand’s digital footprint with a spectrum of innovative web and app solutions.
  • Advanced Builds: Designing and developing complex web applications that provide bespoke functionality and integrate with other business systems.

What are your goals?

Digital design & development


“We have the funding and are looking for expert advice, innovative solutions, and technological proficiency to turn our business plan into a digital powerhouse. This includes developing a cutting-edge website, creating a state-of-the-art mobile app, and using technology to reach our target audience.”

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Accelerating Growth

“We have a digital presence, but it’s time to elevate our website with the latest technologies and to harness the power of AI and machine learning technologies to enhance our brand and strengthen our connection with key audiences. We need specialists who excel in leveraging digital technology to advance life sciences and pharmaceutical brands”

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Breaking Into New Territories

“We’re seeking an expert to lead our digital strategy and tech deployment as we venture into new markets, develop a compliant, multi-lingual website, and adapt to the evolving tech and marketing needs of our growing organisation.”

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A Strategic Re-Think

“As an established business, we’re looking for fresh, tech-centric strategies and an audit of our current digital footprint. We value new perspectives on digital strategy from a tech-focused life sciences & pharma agency that deeply understands the nuances of our sector.”

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Our Work



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Transforming a biopharmaceutical company's digital footprint for robust, scalable growth.
BC Care website design

BC Care (medac Pharma)

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Re-designing the website for medac Pharma's urology brand and improving the user journey for both patients and HCPs


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