Medical App Development.

Mobile application design solutions for the healthcare, medical & pharma sectors

Medical app developers

We work in collaboration with specialist healthcare & pharma companies, university medical schools and health tech entrepreneurs to design & develop healthcare and medical apps.

Our expertise in healthcare app design enables us to alongside you to map out your mobile health strategy, design & code your app, build a prototype and connect it to a smart medical device, if required.

Our specialist team of medical app developers can design and code mHealth apps compatible with iOS (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch) and all major Android devices.

Solutions for:

  • Private healthcare providers
  • Pharmaceutical & biotech firms
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • University medical schools & researchers
  • Healthcare professionals
  • UI Design

    Creating app user interfaces for use by both HCPs & patients

  • Development

    ‘Native’ Android & iOS and ‘hybrid’ app development solutions

  • Integration

    Integrating the app with medical devices or 3rd party software systems

  • Compliance

    Assessing if your app will be classed as a medical device and require CE marking

  • Publishing

    Creating all the various app store assets & publishing the app to the Apple and Google play app stores

Our Work

Desitin Pharma

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Development of a dynamic mobile app that facilitates swift, comprehensive anti-seizure medication search for medical professionals.

Passion for Life Healthcare

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Collaborating with the makers of Snoreeze on the development of a medical device app to help the business generate new revenue streams

Entec Health

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Designing and developing the mobile app SaaS product for an ambitious healthcare start-up looking to sell into the NHS

Bespoke Solutions.

100% focus on medical apps

As a specialist pharma marketing agency, we have considerable experience in healthcare software and application development. We not only have the required technical and design skills but also the necessary compliance knowledge.

We use this expertise to develop healthcare apps which meet the definition of a medical device and require CE marking. We also have experience of producing the required regulatory documentation relating to medical device software development.

Our healthcare app software development processes are aligned with harmonised standard IEC 62304We have also developed partnerships with specialist ISO 13485 consultants and auditors who can help your organisation to become certified.

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Healthcare apps we build

  • Health measurement & clinical tools– healthcare apps that help patients to better manage medical conditions and assist clinicians & pharmacists in performing medical calculations & diagnoses
  • Clinical interaction– apps that improve communication between HCPs and patients, self-management of medical conditions and medication adherence
  • Hospital & patient management– medical apps designed to integrate with admin tools to support patient care & provide access to medical records
  • Medical devices & IoT connectivity– apps that function as medical devices or act as control interfaces to connect with Internet of Things (IoT) technology
  • Medical education & clinical trials– apps that operate as resources for medical education, training, clinical pathways, prescribing aids & clinical trials



Mobile apps can deliver enormous benefits to your organisation, but as with so many things, it isn’t actually ‘the doing’ that’s the main success factor – it’s what you do and how you choose to do it.

  • App & Software Specification
  • Smart Device Connectivity
  • Software & Systems Integration
  • Medical Compliance & Security


We develop health and medical apps built with innovation and creativity at the heart of each project that are visually impactful, technically robust and ones that your audience will identify with.

  • UI/UX Design & Wireframing
  • App Prototyping
  • Coding & Back End
  • Software & Device Integration


Never assume that if you build an app that people will automatically find it. A well thought out healthcare digital marketing strategy that includes specialist medical copywriting is a must in today’s highly competitive medical app landscape. We therefore offer the following services:

  • App Promo Websites
  • App Promo Videos
  • App Store Optimisation
  • App Analytics