Medical App Development

Specialist healthcare & medical app development consultants

Medical App Consultants

We operate as app development consultants supporting healthcare & pharma organisations and digital health entrepreneurs


Deciding which platforms to focus on; what integration needs to take place and what medical compliance aspects will impact the development process


Developing a user interface that will work on both iOS and Android devices and applying a creative approach that will meet the expectations of your end-users

Medical app development


Deciding if a ‘native’ or ‘hybrid’ app will produce the best results, taking into consideration any medical device or software integration that needs to take place


Creating all the various app store assets and publishing the app to the Apple and Google play app stores for public download

Our Expertise

We are genuine healthcare and medical app development consultants. We not only have the required technical and compliance knowledge to help you create your development plan but we can also help you to build in-house teams and find the right external partners to design and code your app.

We can also provide advice about developing your compliance strategy and what you’d need to know about obtaining ISO 13485 certification if your app will be classed as a medical device.

Medical App Consultancy

We have extensive hands-on experience of pharmaceutical and medical device compliance (MHRA, HIPAA, ABPI, MDR) and app connectivity solutions.

Our R&D efforts are focused around digital & mobile health, ‘connected’ devices, digital compliance and how patients and healthcare professionals are using new health technologies. This up-to-date knowledge not only enables us to develop end-user focused digital assets, but it also helps to future-proof our clients’ digital health strategy.

We are the creators of the first website dedicated to medical app development which includes a healthcare app developer directory. Our site contains a wealth of insightful mHealth content to make it easier for individuals to find suitable app developers and learn more about the compliance aspects of medical device app development.