Our Work

PFL Healthcare

Collaborating with PFL on the development of their sleep apnoea research, detection & monitoring Apps to help the business generate new revenue streams.

The Objective

Passion for Life Healthcare, are the makers of Snoreeze, Europe’s no.1 snoring relief brand.
The company has made considerable investment in developing a state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm to detect sleep apnoea. The algorithm, developed by a leading university, had been designed to run on a server but a proof-of-concept app had been produced to demonstrate it operating in a mobile environment. A solution was needed that took the server-based algorithm, converted it for use on iOS and Android and wrapped it in a user friendly, highly functional, consumer facing app.


Translating the company’s mobile goals into an actionable medical app development & medical device compliance plan for their two apps.

UI Design

Developing a contemporary & consumer focused UI design for the apps and producing bespoke illustrations.


Developing the app software in-line with IEC 62304 and incorporating machine learning technology.

App Store

Creating the app store assets and assisting with the development of the ‘Technical File’ for submission to the MHRA for CE Marking.

Our Solution

The solution involved the design and development of the following:

Two Apps

PFL chose Genetic Digital to develop both the consumer facing ‘Sound Sleep’ app to help patients manage their sleep apnoea condition as well as their clinical research app ‘Sleep Study’.

Our Appraoch

We started by rewriting the algorithm using a single cross-platform language with an accompanying test suite to guarantee integrity. We then designed an easy-to-use interface and built the associated functionality that allows users to sign up to the app, record their night’s sleep, add associated information (caffeine, blocked nose, etc), ‘tag’ questionable sounds and, amongst other things, generate comprehensive reports. We also developed a secure, privacy focused backend to store user data and allow dedicated administrators to interrogate and export it.

MDR Compliance

The app was built following standard IEC 62304 and we also assisted PFL with developing their medical device compliance paperwork for the Technical File.

What our client said...

“Genetic Digital was instrumental in developing the ‘Sound Sleep’ app for PFL Healthcare, designed to support patients managing sleep apnoea, as well as the ‘Sleep Study’ clinical research app. The team’s deep understanding of healthcare app development was evident throughout the project. Their professionalism and dedication made them a pleasure to work with. If you’re seeking a partner with specialised expertise in healthcare-focused web and app development and a true commitment to your success, Genetic Digital is the clear choice.”

Project Manager, PFL Healthcare

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App Based Formulary

We developed a mobile app that enables healthcare professionals (HCPs) involved in managing patients with wounds to have immediate and easy access to the organisation’s wound care formulary (WCF), as on-the-go digital data on their mobile devices.