About Us

Experienced healthcare & medical digital specialists with a track record that goes back over 15 years.

Digital - it's in our DNA


It’s in our DNA

Genetic Digital is run by Damon Lightley and Gareth Hughes. Collectively we’ve over 40 years of digital development and marketing experience between us.

Operating as a “virtual agency” since 2010

We do not work from a single location, instead operating the business from home offices and making best use of project management, digital communication and meeting technologies.

Our business processes are all specifically designed to allow for optimal home working and managing virtual teams spread across multiple locations. This approach has allowed for greater flexibility in how we source talent and also helps to cut down on overhead, travel time and reduces environmental impact.

From a business perspective, this model helps us to offer real value for money from our client’s budgets and gives us the flexibility to quickly adapt to a fast evolving digital sector.


Companies we’ve worked with

We fill a unique role supporting healthcare marketing teams, medical consultants and clinicians, helping them to get the most out of digital channels.

We combine a talent for designing intuitive user experiences with a deep knowledge of medical web design, app development and healthcare SEO and how these digital channels can be applied in a highly regulated environment.


Consultant profile…

I’m a professionally qualified marketer with a deep understanding of digital.  Over my 20-year career, I have delivered digital marketing, web, mobile & SEO solutions for a wide range of businesses within the medical and healthcare sectors. I’m able to tackle digital marketing problems with a strategic approach. This experience has helped me to build up my own knowledge base of what works, and more importantly what doesn’t when it comes to developing medical websites and healthcare SEO solutions. View my LinkedIn profile.


20 years digital strategy & planning
20 years search marketing & SEO
10 years user experience mapping
10 years WordPress design
10 years digital healthcare marketing


20 years front end web development
15 years content management systems
15 years backend & DB development
15 years API development
7 years mobile app development


Consultant profile…

I’m responsible for delivering the technical solutions that meet the needs of our healthcare clients. My knowledge of web & mobile app technologies and understanding of how patients & clinicians interact with digital environments enable me to develop robust, secure & compliant digital results. I focus primarily on developing health apps, medical websites and associated technologies including APIs and device integration with simplicity and usability at the heart of every project. View my LinkedIn profile

Why Partner With Us?

Creative, flexible and responsive

Our clients know that they can rely on us to ‘get the job done’. Be it building a technically robust website or running an SEO campaign but at the same time also offering the kind of flexibility and responsiveness that they require, to help them take full advantage of the latest developments in ‘digital’.

We understand the regulatory challenges you face

Developing a digital strategy for many pharma, medical and healthcare organisations requires careful consideration of the ever changing healthcare industry and compliance procedures set by the likes of the ABPI and MHRA. We won’t waste your time and frustrate you by suggesting digital solutions that are unlikely to deliver tangible business benefits or get the OK from your compliance officer.

We speak your language

You won’t need to spend hours of your precious time explaining all the various jargon that surrounds your sector. POM, OTC, KOLs, CCGs, GPwSIs; we’ll understand it and get up to speed much faster than more generalist digital agencies.

We understand how HCPs & patients behave in digital environments

When it comes to understanding how healthcare professionals and patients are interacting with websites, apps and search engines we are able to take the guesswork out of the planning process. This is because all of our research has a healthcare focus. We continuously update our own internal knowledge base so that we know what’s going to work and more importantly what’s not, when you want to engage with HCPs or patients. Check out our digital health blog.