A for Analytics

Web analytics

This month we start our A to Z of Digital series and our first letter is ‘A’ for Analytics.

Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding how effective your digital presence is and what areas need optimising. It encompasses measuring visitor levels, referrers, i.e. how do people find your site, bounce rates, geography and conversions.

Nowadays, we have a wide range of tools and enterprise level software to choose from to help us measure the effectiveness of our online activity. With Google Analytics you can even integrate the software with CRM systems like SalesForce and HubSpot to get a 360 degree view of your customer acquisition process.

The ability to track campaigns at such a granular level gives healthcare & medical marketers the ability to fine tune campaigns and focus their budget on the areas that are contributing the most to helping them achieve their sales and marketing objectives. It also provides us marketers with insights into how our end-users are interacting with our medical website and to look for problem pages that are not performing as well as they should or not driving conversions.

Tracking phone calls

When it comes to online tracking, there are also a number of specialist analytics tools that can help you to measure digital performance For instance, ‘Call Analytics’.  Phone call analytics allows you to track exactly what each visitor is doing on your website and even when they pick up the phone to call you. With this level of tracking you are able to report on the exact visitor path, including what the visitor did on your website, before, during and after the phone call and which keyword search, advert, referring website and click caused your website visitor to pick up the phone to call you.

Smartphone Users & App Usage

Using tools like Google analytics you can measure the number of people visiting your site from mobile phones. By monitoring the volume of people that access your site via a smartphone or iPad you will be able to assess whether the level of traffic justifies the development of a site devoted exclusively to mobile platforms and tablets, to help improve the user experience and conversion rates.

If you have developed an ‘App’ for Android or the iPhone then you can also use Google Analytics to track its usage by adding Google tracking tags into the source code of the actual app. There are also more sophisticated app tracking tools like Localytics and App Annie which allows you to track all the standard metrics such as platform, device type, sessions and unique users but also offers event and screen tracking that will give you the ability to analyse conversion funnels, screen flows, feature usage, content access and advertising performance.

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