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Web analytics

A for Analytics

This month we start our A to Z of Digital series and our first letter is ‘A’ for Analytics. Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding how effective your digital…
Text Messaging

Can Text Messaging Improve Patient Engagement Outcomes?

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Medication non adherence is a significant problem, it always has been and it will continue to be so with an estimated cost to the NHS of £600m* a year! So what can be done to improve patient outcomes? Changing patient behaviour is key to this…

Top 5 Medical Apps for Clinicians

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With the explosion in medical apps available on the app stores, it’s not surprising that there are more ‘digital tools’ available to help healthcare professionals carry out everyday tasks. As with medical apps for patients there are thousands…

LinkedIn Advertising

When it comes to cost per click (CPC) based advertising campaigns most healthcare and pharma marketers tend to focus their budgets purely on pay per click advertising across search engine networks like Google, Bing and Yahoo. However, if you…

Maximise your budget with effective campaign tracking

It can be hard to understand why something you can't see can be one of the most important elements of your campaign. But that's exactly the case with analytics: They're never visible to the user but they can have a significant impact on what…

Obtaining funding for your digital health project

We often get approached by individuals who are often healthcare professionals or research students looking for expert help to turn their innovative digital healthcare business plan into a tangible and commercially viable product. However, many…
iPhone Laptop Network

Connecting your medical app or website to the NHS : The N3 Network

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If your app, website or service needs to interact with NHS data then you may well need to be connected to the N3 network. As specialist providers of health related apps and websites, Genetic Digital's customers often fall in to this category…

Leveraging KOLs Online

Key Opinion Leaders can be crucial for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. Respected in their field, these “thought leaders” are usually highly experienced and qualified physicians who influence their peer’s medical practice through…
App promotion strategy

Developing an effective promotion strategy for your health app

The mobile health app environment has seen explosive growth as consumers flock to the Apple and Google Play App Stores. Usage of health and fitness apps on Apple's iPhone and iPad is booming, according to mobile analytics firm Flurry. Flurry…