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The SwallowingDifficulties.com website is designed to help patients, carers and medical professionals make more informed decisions when taking, administering or prescribing medicines for patients with swallowing difficulties. It is run by the University of East Anglia and the original website and drugs database was difficult to maintain, update and search.

Our brief was twofold. The website needed to be rebuilt in a way that made it easy to update. In particular the drugs database which requires regular changes needed to be maintained on an almost daily basis to keep it accurate. Secondly, the design needed to appeal to appeal to a broad spectrum audience whilst proving a platform that allowed individuals to communicate with like-minded people.

The website had to:

  • Allow a junior administrator at the University to make regular updates
  • Be easy to search and navigate
  • Help visitors find correct drug information without necessarily knowing the correct name
  • Perform well in the search engines
  • Appeal to a broad audience


  • Conduct research into who would be using the website, how and why
  • Map, wireframe and test new website structure
  • Produce technical specifications and develop bespoke technical components
  • Design conceptual representations
  • Produce CSS XHTML compliant templates optimised for search engines
  • Build a new website using the WordPress content management system
  • Implement a forum area to allow like-minded individuals to interact
  • Test, launch & maintain


The Results
The website was launched and immediately the number of visitors increased as more and more pages were indexed by the search engines. The open source platform has allowed for the ability to add new functionality and the number of searches on the drugs database has increased by 144%. Site traffic increased 56% in the first year with excellent visibility for major keywords with high numbers of competing pages.

Client Testimonial
“The team did an excellent job from start to finish. They were able to take our ideas and turn them into something that really works for our visitors while making the website easy to update and maintain.”
Professor , University of East Anglia – www.swallowingdifficulties.com

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