Our Work


Developing a market-leading website for medac Pharma’s Metoject® Pen

The Challenge

Medac Pharma is a pharmaceutical company specialising in product development and treatments in the key areas of oncology, autoimmune, and urology.

Renowned in the industry, they are a market leader whose Metoject® pen has been instrumental in providing vital care. However, the existing Metoject® website was falling short of meeting healthcare professional and patient expectations.

The client needed a platform that matched their reputation. The existing website was not fully satisfying the diverse needs of both HCPs and patients, and the company required a platform that was scalable, informative, and something they could be proud of. The objective was to create a site that was not only informative but also instrumental in tracking interaction levels to understand customer preferences.


Defining target audience online goals, mapping the user journey and planning the SEO.

Web Design

Contemporary page designs optimised for mobile & search engines.

CMS Development

WordPress content management system integrated with our easy to use drag and drop editing suite


Keyword research, content gap analysis, page speed optimisation and on-site SEO.

Key Objectives


Designing a platform that can grow with the increasing needs of medac Pharma.

Informative Content

Providing comprehensive information on various therapy areas related to the Metoject® pen.

Customer Engagement

Creating a website that users could easily navigate, with individual pages to track interaction using Google Analytics.

Alignment with Market Leader Status

Building a website that resonates with medac Pharma’s leading position in the market.

Our Core Services

We embarked on this project with the following strategies:

Understanding the Needs

We initiated a detailed analysis of the existing website, customer expectations, and the client’s objectives to craft a tailored solution.

Analytics Integration

We implemented GA4 to provide medac Pharma with insights into visitor behaviours and preferences, allowing them to refine their strategies as needed.

Design and Development

Our design team worked closely with medac Pharma’s marketing team to create an elegant, user-friendly, and efficient website that aligns with the brand’s identity.

Content Strategy

Comprehensive information about therapy areas was integrated into the design to educate and engage users, whether HCPs or patients.

Compliance with UK Regulations

Recognising the importance of adhering to legal standards, the site was carefully constructed to comply with the UK’s regulations for promoting prescription-only medicines. This ensured that all content and functionalities were aligned with the relevant legal guidelines, providing a robust and compliant platform.

Quality Assurance

Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure that the website was robust, scalable, and met all objectives, including compliance with legal standards.

What our client said...

This is our second collaboration with Genetic Digital and once again they have surpassed our expectations. Tasked with developing a new website for our Metoject® pen, they delivered a platform that is not only aligned with our brand’s reputation in autoimmune therapies, but also fully compliant with the UK’s regulations for promoting prescription-only medicines. Their creative insights and dedication to excellence have reinforced our confidence in their capabilities. We’re proud of the result and look forward to future collaborations.

Product Manager – Medac Pharma

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