How to Use QR Codes to Engage Your Audience

A QR Code – Quick Response Code – looks like this. They are becoming increasingly more popular as an easy way of storing different types of information like URL links, contact information and text that can be read and stored by a smart phone.

Why is this important?

When used in conjunction with more traditional forms of off line media they provide an extremely effective way of communicating specific information to your target audience and, at the moment, a relatively novel way of engaging your audience as part of your digital marketing strategy.

A study released on May 4th by Manhattan Research revealed 81% of HCPs are using smart phones between 1-2 hours a day to access the internet and this figure is growing rapidly. This means the smart phone is fast becoming the tool of choice for HCPs across the world making QR codes an increasingly effective way to interact with this audience.

By ‘reading’ QR Codes with a smartphone a number of different predetermined actions can take place. If the information contained within the code is a web address, you will automatically be directed to that website or if it is contact details, you will be prompted to add them to your address book.

Download free QR Readers for iPhone and Android phones.

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One of the most important benefits of integrating QR codes with a campaign is how, through increased audience engagement, they become an effective means of driving HCPs and/or patients to the next step in the marketing funnel where they can be provided with additional detail or sign up options.

How can you use QR codes

Here are 5 good examples of how you could use QR codes as part of your marketing strategy:

Product labels
One of these codes printed either directly on the product packaging or to the label attached to the product could direct users to a dedicated page on your website which contains all the product specific information.

By including a QR code as part of you eDetailing, you can save doctors time, directing them to information they need about a particular product on your website they can then reference at any point in the future.

Direct mail
You could add one of these codes to the end of each mailing which directs people back to a page on your website with more information. You could then encourage them to opt in to email rather than postal communications.

Leave piece
A QR code printed on any product literature will make it easy to direct individuals to the right area on your website without having to navigate menus to find information. Once there, you could encourage them to perform another action like sign up for product updates.

Introduce a QR code as part of your stand design allowing interested individuals to store your contact details directly to their smart phone, engaging them and making it easy to contact you in the future. Future event appearances can also be stored direct to their calendar.

QR Codes are already being used by many Medical, Healthcare and Pharma companies to provide quick and easy access to their latest information. If you’re not using them, it’s time to consider it!

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