Website regulatory compliance solution for multinational pharmaceutical organisations

CodeCompli is a WordPress web module that we have developed that enables you to launch code compliant, multi-lingual versions of a pharmaceutical website quickly and easily across different territories.

The module also ensures that all country specific websites comply with the laws and regulations that govern the advertising of medical products and POMs for each jurisdiction you’ll be targeting.

Actional steps

Key Features

  • Build, edit and publish new pages with translated content for each country being targeted using our easy-to-use content management system
  • Implement the correct safeguards for each territory to ensure that members of the general public do not have access to information intended for HCPs only
  • Add content creation dates and publishing codes to each web page
  • All web pages are optimised for search engines to support a multi-lingual SEO campaign
  • Each country specific website can have its own Google Analytics dashboard report so you can view visitor data unique to that website
  • Integrates with other compliance systems like DocCheck

Key Benefits

  • Reduce website design and development time and costs for rolling out country specific websites with translated content
  • Increased flexibility in launch timelines when rolling out new country specific websites
  • Rapidly launch websites to help increase your exposure in different countries
  • Improve your keyword rankings in country specific Google searches, i.e., on
  • Highly customisable and scalable to help support your international expansion plans
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Our Work

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