Pfizer has biggest marketing spend and best social media presence

A new report from healthcare technology and services company Cegedim has investigated how much the world’s top 100 pharmaceutical companies spent on traditional sales force and marketing channel spend as well as their presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Pfizer achieved first place for traditional spend and has also achieved the best social media presence – it’s in third position for the number of likes on Facebook and first position for the number of followers on Twitter.

Whilst Novartis came second in terms of traditional spend, its position for social media was far less impressive, coming in 17th for the number of likes of Facebook and fifth for the number of Twitter followers.

Meanwhile, Merck & Co achieved eclectic results. It ranks tenth for the number of Facebook likes, but comes top for the number of pages. Similarly, it ranks 15th for the number of Twitter followers but third for the number of tweets.

Johnson & Johnson came second for the number of Facebook likes whilst Roche came second for the number of Twitter followers.

Christopher Wooden, head of promotion audits at CSD said: “The study shows clearly that most major life science companies are establishing a presence in social media – but coverage, methods and sophistication do vary significantly.

“We can see an attempt by companies to reach out and create a positive, on-going message about their contribution to better health. The ability to target that message and encourage constructive dialogue through social media will bring value.”

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