Healthcare trust could stream meetings on YouTube

Scottish healthcare bosses are considering broadcasting their board meetings on YouTube in a bid to boost public interest in their work.

NHS Lothian wants to increase public involvement in its business and particularly wants to see more members of the public attending their bi-monthly meetings.

Their meetings typically involve debate and decisions involving hundreds of millions of pounds of public money – yet few members of the public are currently willing to come along to help influence how their money is being spent.

The health board has previously tried reaching out to the public via roadshows, taking its meetings around the region in order to make it easier for all local people to come to meetings. However, that strategy proved unsuccessful.

Bosses are now considering webcasting the meetings as another way to get people interested and involved.

This could have implications for web designers looking to market pharmaceutical products on behalf of pharmaceutical companies.

If NHS Lothian does go ahead with the move, it will be the first healthcare organisation in the UK to do so.

Alan Boyter, director of human resources at NHS Lothian, says: “We have been asked to consider the possibility of webcasting board meetings.

”Streaming them on the internet is one option – we don’t know of any other health board which does this.

”It would be done on a trial basis, then, after a couple of meetings, we could see how much interest there has been and present the findings.”

Pharma social media sites get own Wiki

More and more pharmaceutical companies are realising the importance of digital marketing and are establishing a presence on social media websites. With so many organisations taking part on the online pharma revolution, it can be difficult to keep track of who is online and where.

An American blogger has come up with a way to help keep track of what’s going on.

Jonathan Richman, who writes a blog called ‘Does of Digital: Improving Healthcare Through Digital Technology’, has listed a compendium of all of the pharmaceutical companies with pages on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. It’s called the ‘Pharma and Healthcare Social Media Wiki’.

Although US companies are heavily represented, international companies appear on the list too – including those with a strong presence in the UK such as AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson.

The Wiki also includes listings of pharmaceutical companies on YouTube.
Each listing contains a description of the organisation’s social media presence along with a link to it.

Introducing the Wiki, Richman writes: “With a growing number of pharma companies testing the waters of social media, an intrepid few have tried to keep track of every site, YouTube video, Twitterer, Facebook page, and so on.

“It’s become a daunting task and no one list seems to have it all, so we created the Pharma and Healthcare Social Media Wiki.”

Richman is taking submissions for the Wiki. To submit your company’s social media profile, or to view the Wiki itself, visit: