Search Engine Marketing & SEO for Healthcare, Medical & Pharma Businesses

This paper aims to help CEOs, Directors, Marketing & Product Managers within Pharma, Medical Devices and Healthcare markets understand all the different elements and business benefits of Search Engine Marketing & SEO and how they can be applied to individual businesses to help reach and interact with their target audiences.

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The search engine is now probably the most widely used research tool used by consumers and business professionals alike when looking for new products and services. Around 80% of people will start their online session at a search engine. Therefore, search engine marketing offers many benefits for businesses looking for a highly targeted and measurable form of marketing to disseminate information and promote products and services.

Table of contents:


  • The Internet & Healthcare Info
  • What are individuals searching for?
  • The Use of Mobile Search
  • The Age of the Digital Physician

Search Engine Marketing Tactics

  • Keywords – are you thinking like a customer?
  • Search engine marketing strategies
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Algorithm Updates
  • Social Signals
  • Investing in SEO
  • Pay Per click (PPC) advertising
  • How does PPC work?

Tracking & Measuring ROI

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