Do you need some guidance to bring some structure to your healthcare & medical app idea?

The ‘App Business Planner’ contains a series of sections with questions and acts as a worksheet that will help you to capture the vision for your app project and turn it into a mini business plan and medical app development brief.

The benefits of the ‘App Business Planner’…

The more information you can include in any plan, the better you can communicate your vision and ideas and plan the development of your app with your healthcare & medical app developers. Because each member of your team may have a different vision for the project, we also recommend completing this worksheet as a group. That way you won’t miss any important opinions and ideas. The document also contains a list of healthcare and medical app directories and resources so you can check out the competition and easily identify apps that you may want to replicate. This comprehensive document covers all the key areas that you should consider and it will help you to speed up the process of developing a detailed brief and development plan for your app idea. The ‘App Business Planner’ document costs £49.99 plus VAT, and is delivered as a Micrsoft Word Document.

We refund you the full amount if you work with us to develop your app.

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