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No Google haven’t started to breed hummingbirds, we’re talking about the name given to their recent update to their search engine algorithm. And although the Hummingbird is among the smallest of birds it has most certainly created a huge amount of discussion and debate within SEO and tech communities. So much so, that since the […]

Google’s latest update to its algorithm, dubbed ‘Penguin’, was only released on 24th April, but has already had a huge impact on hundreds of companies over the last few months and the way in which they strategise their search engine optimisation efforts. The update is designed to counter web spam and over optimisation, by penalising […]

Google is the process of rolling out its new Venice update all part of its “40 changes for February” project. So what is the Venice update and how will it impact your healthcare SEO strategy? In a nutshell ‘Venice’ is all about Google serving up more locally relevant websites in its search results, well that […]

Are you getting Siri-ous? Siri is Apple’s new voice recognition app that allows users to control their smartphones using speech by talking directly into their handset.  I’m sure you’ve all see the latest iPhone TV ads showing how you can check the weather, search for restaurants, set reminders and even write and send emails. So, […]