This e-book will provide life sciences and pharma marketers with tips and best practice advice for creating high performing websites.

Audience profiling is a key aspect to consider before building a medical website, and arguably it is even more important with medical & healthcare digital marketing projects, as it helps to determine what regulatory factors will need to be taken into consideration as part of the development approach

Pfizer has launched a new website design aimed at increasing its direct reach and interaction with UK dispensing chemists. The site was developed following an in-depth survey of 200 pharmacists and will replace will the current as a one-stop-shop providing information on Pfizer products for pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. The limited access […]

Designing and developing websites can seem easy but getting it right is not. Below are our top 5 mistakes that could be affecting your website right now. 1. Incorrectly Using Adobe Flash This one’s been around for years but is still a major problem. Adobe Flash allows the use of animation on the web. It […]