Healthcare & Pharma Digital Strategy.

Digital strategies and plans for healthcare & life sciences

Future-proofing your digital presence

Creating a medical or pharma digital strategy requires a deliberate focus on identifying which digital assets and channels will create most value for your organisation and deliver maximum return on investment.

Whether your goals are about patient acquisition, brand awareness, HCP engagement, a strategic approach is more likely to deliver better and sustainable results.

As a specialist healthcare and life sciences digital agency, our consultants work alongside you to map out which digital assets you’re going to need to engage your audiences. We seamlessly integrate into your team to plan the design and technology as well assess the compliance requirements.

Sector experience:

  • Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences
  • Biotech & Biomed
  • Medical Technology & Devices
  • Private Healthcare
  • Audience Research

    Researching your target audiences needs and online behaviour

  • Digital Transformation

    Practical digital development strategies based on solid research and industry insight

  • Competitor Analysis

    Detailed analysis of your key competitors’ online performance and digital activities to identify their strengths and weaknesses

  • Compliance Strategy

    Assessing what regulatory requirements will impact the development process & digital marketing activities

  • Digital Audits

    Our team of experts will review your existing strategies and assets and suggest improvements that will drive positive change for your organisation

Our Work


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Developing the digital strategy and assets for a speciality pharmaceutical firm to help accelerate their expansion across Europe

Rosemont Pharma

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Partnering with Rosemont for over 7 years to help them raise awareness of liquid medicines and drive sales using digital channels

The ‘Right’ Strategy.

Five key pillars

There are five key variables at work in building a successful digital presence for pharma & medical brands:

  • Your brand. Making optimum use of your brand guidelines, design standards and overall feel to help reinforce your brand values and create synergy between all your various marketing assets.
  • Your audience. Understanding which groups of individuals you are trying to engage with is key to how we approach the creation of digital assets and strategy. Understanding the differing online objectives and information of patients and healthcare professionals will influence the design process.
  • Your objectives. Knowing what you want to achieve and establishing your specific marketing and communication objectives is key to making sure that our medical marketing consulting focuses on implementing the most effective tactics to deliver results.
  • Your content. More than just pages of information, content refers to tools, videos, blogs, social media, images and all other material that allow your users to interact with you. Understanding the content requirements of your end-users is essential for successful medical marketing strategies and plays a role in optimal pharma web development, medical app development and healthcare video production. We also need to make sure that any content that is displayed can be done so across multiple platforms, including smartphones, and that it also adheres to any regulatory standards.
  • Your visibility. How will people find your content, will they be using search engines and social networks to look for sites like yours? If so, you’ll need to develop healthcare SEO and social media marketing strategies that are driven by expertly crafted medical content writing to make sure your content is easy to discover online.

A knowledge of all five factors helps to create a pharmaceutical and medical digital strategy that will captivate all of your audiences whilst fulfilling your objectives and building your online authority.

Pharma Marketing in the Digital Age

Read how to develop pharmaceutical omni-channel marketing strategies fit for the digital age

In this whitepaper, we will discuss the importance of maximising return on investment (ROI) for pharmaceutical digital marketing spend and provide actionable tips for optimising some of the key digital channels. We will also discuss the significance of personalisation, segmentation, automation, AI, data analysis, customer journey and experience (CX) mapping, A/B testing, experimentation, and omni-channel marketing.

By following our tips, you will transform your pharmaceutical marketing efforts and boost ROI.

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