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digital-dna-test-smallAre you prepared for the digital healthcare revolution?

As digital and mobile technologies continue to evolve and grow in popularity, the healthcare and pharma sectors are having to quickly adapt in order to meet the demands of the modern day patient and healthcare professional. But in order to develop a sound strategy and allocate resources to digital projects senior management and marketers need to understand the effectiveness of their existing digital initiatives. To help them do this, Genetic Digital is offering a tailored Digital Strategy workshop, which we’re calling the Digital DNA Test. The session will involve a study of your organisation’s current digital presence (on its own and in relation to your competitors) across three key areas:

3-As1 – Assets

We will assess how well you’re taking advantage of digital and mobile assets like websites, apps and video (inline with compliance).

2 – Acquisition

We will assess how well you’re using digital channels like search engines & social media to acquire & retain customers.

3 – Analysis

We will assess how well you’re taking full advantage of analytics tools and if you’re capturing the right metrics to help measure and improve performance.

To help guide you down the right path, we will set up a simple traffic light decision filter that will aid in prioritising your findings.

  • Green – Continue your current course. Monitor and look for incremental improvement.
  • Yellow – Pause and assess. Adjust based on priorities and capacity.
  • Red – Stop and fill gaps. Change strategic/tactical direction based on objectives and budget.

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Are you ready to sharpen your digital presence?