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Once we have developed your app strategy and produced a technical and functional specification for your app we then follow this development process.

UI/UX Design & Wireframing

This involves producing storyboards which help to visually demonstrate the user journey and the app’s key features like navigation and showing where functionality, such as buttons and other tools are required.

The next step involves producing a mock up version of the finished design – where the wireframe is your blueprint showing the structure of each page, the user interface design allows you to see how the finished pages will look on a particular device.

App Prototyping

If you are in the early stages of creating your app and need to test the concept first or obtain funding then we can offer a  comprehensive app prototyping service, which is cost-effective way of visually showcasing your idea as it does not involve building a fully functioning app that has been coded. A prototype will help you to more easily demonstrate the features and functionality of your app idea.

Engineering & Programming

During this phase our programmers begin coding the app for the various platforms and devices. Our experience includes developing apps for Android smartphones & tablets, iOS devices including the Apple Watch.

Any integration with software systems (such as APIs, databases, patient information systems etc.) are also implemented by the development team during this stage. At this stage we also implement any connectivity solution that needs to take place with a smart device.

If we’re developing a medical device app then we also produce the Technical File for CE marking purposes so that your app complies with the Medical Device Directive.

Testing, Compliance & Deployment

The final stages in producing a fully functioning app involve user testingcompliance checking (including MHRA compliance testing and CE Marking), installing app analytics and creating all the app store marketing assets.

Once all these stages have been completed and signed-off, only then do we submit your app to the app stores.

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Will my app need CE Marking?

If you’re thinking about developing a medical app then you should be considering compliance as part of your overall project right from the start. If your app meets the definition of a medical device then it will need to be CE Marked. We’ve produced this free guide to get you up to speed on the basics of medical app compliance.

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