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Our approach is based on the premise there are five variables at work in building a successful website for pharma, healthcare & medical brands:

  • Your brand. Making optimum use of your imagery, colours, design standards and overall feel help reinforce your brand values and create synergy between your online and offline marketing material.
  • Your audience. Who your site is aimed at is key to how we approach the design. Different age groups will be familiar with different online destinations. Genders react differently to different colours. Being aware of these subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) differences influences the design process.
  • Your objectives. What you want your site to achieve is key to where calls to action are placed and how navigation is structured. Establishing your site objectives is key to making it a useful business tool, not just a pretty shop front.
  • Your content. More than just pages of information, content refers to tools, videos, blogs, forums, images and all other material that make up a rich site. Understanding the content requirement helps shapes the site architecture and allows for designs that can grow to accommodate future growth. We also make sure that any content that is displayed can be done so across multiple platforms, including smartphones where appropriate, and that it adheres to compliance procedures such as the ABPI and PAGB codes of practice.
  • Your promotional plan. How will people find your website, will they be using search engines and social networks to look for sites like yours? If so, then you’ll need to develop a search engine optimisation, pay per click and social media marketing plan, otherwise you may find that your site isn’t easy to come across online.

A knowledge of all five factors helps create a website that appeals to your audience whilst fulfilling your objectives and reinforcing your company image. Therefore, before we start any design work we take time to learn about each of these factors. We focus on familiarising ourselves with your brand guidelines, learning about your audience, establishing your objectives and discovering your content.

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