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We push the boundaries of social media but still within the confines of compliance, to help you actively engage with the patients and healthcare professionals you need to reach.

We can offer a range of social media services to help promote pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical brands to relevant audiences. Internet users are spending more and more of their time on social networks, and an increasing number of businesses are realising the potential of social media marketing to engage with both patients and healthcare professionals.

Social media marketing and advertising allows brands to reach a larger audience, but it’s easy to be seen as an advertiser or spammer on social networks, so generating good content and creating strong social assets is key to building a good reputation. By talking about current issues and engaging with individuals on social networks brand reputation can be built.

Our healthcare social media services include:
  • Social Media Strategy Development
  • Profile Page Development
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Reputation Management
  • Content Schedules
  • Response Mapping & Plans
  • Facebook Marketing & Advertising
  • LinkedIn Marketing & Advertising
  • Twitter Promotion
  • Pinterest Promotion
  • YouTube Marketing & Online Video Creation

Social networks also present a great opportunity for highly-targeted paid advertising. Social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook allow paid ads to be highly-targeted towards users based on age, location, career, likes etc., since users willingly enter a lot of information about themselves.

Social Media Marketing can also help towards SEO objectives; sending relevant traffic to a website. With Google personalised search, it’s increasingly important to engage customers at an early stage in the buying cycle, it means a website is much more likely to appear in subsequent search results at a later stage in the cycle if it has already been visited.

At Genetic Digital we’re happy to provide regulation-compliant social media strategy for pharmaceutical and healthcare brands. We can advise on and implement social media marketing campaigns which will adhere to important regulations including the ABPI code of practice.

In social spaces, users are always discussing, reviewing, commenting, sharing and liking. It can be incredibly useful to find out what people are saying about your brand, your competitors or your industry. Whether people are sharing their love of your company or products and sharing this with their friends, or criticising your services or products, monitoring social media spaces can help a brand to manage its online reputation.

Whether you want to monitor what people are saying, size up the competition, analyse positive and negative sentiments or create a response plan for how to respond to enquiries, complaints and comments, we can help. We can show you how to prevent negative feedback from threatening your brand. We can help you to spread positive messages, monitor negative sentiments, monitor brand reputation and create a response map to improve the customer experience.

We can tell you why LinkedIn is better than Facebook when trying to reach HCPs and how to make the most of YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest.

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