Google Analytics no longer providing organic keyword data

Many of you may have noticed that for some time now that Google Analytics has been showing the “(not provided)” message in the keyword data section. And while the (not provided) tag was annoying, we still had enough organic keyword data to help us assess the effectiveness of our SEO strategy and measure visits and […]

University of Southampton Liver Traffic Light Calculator App

Genetic Digital has completed development of the University of Southampton Liver Traffic Light Calculator iPhone App. The live ‘traffic light’ calculator is a test for liver disease suitable for community use that could enhance assessment of liver risk and allow rational referral of more severe disease to specialist care. The algorithm used within this calculator only works […]

We’re shortlisted for a PM Society Digital Media Award!

Genetic Digital has been shortlisted as a finalist at this years PM Society’s Digital Media Awards. Their LinkedIn campaign for Britannia Pharmaceuticals has been shortlisted under the ‘Social Media’ category. Damon Lightley, MD of Genetic Digital comments: “As a young but fast growing agency, to have our work credited by a highly reputable third party […]

Turning your clinical pathway into a mobile app

It has been reported that health and wellbeing applications are estimated to make up approximately 40% of new smartphone apps currently being developed. Health and medical related apps have the potential to be adapted and used by healthcare professionals, helping to revolutionise the sector and reflect the digital age we live in. There has also […]

MHRA website

When is an app classed as a medical device?

Recently we’ve seen a number of apps with dosage calculator functions, some award winning, released to app stores but surprisingly these don’t seem to carry the CE mark to show that they have been registered with the MHRA as class I medical devices. There are currently over 11,000 medical apps in UK App stores aimed at HCPs […]

NHS Health Apps Library

NHS Health Apps Library

In March this year The NHS Commissiong Board launched its Health Apps Library with the main aim of  making it easier for people to find health and medical apps that they can trust and which adhere to NHS safety standards in health IT. With over 40,000 healthcare related apps available globally, a key focus for […]

Communicating with Physicians on the Internet, What Healthcare Companies Need to Know.

There is no doubt that more and more doctors are coming around to the use of the digital world – according to Simon Grime Managing Director of Communications for the UK’s largest and most active network of medical professionals.  Over 40,000 doctors engage with each day – that’s over 25% of all UK […]

How to install, use and build Sencha Touch 2.1 apps on Windows

Sencha Touch is a Javascript Framework used for building high performance cross platform mobile apps. My experience with installing Sencha Touch was horrible. The docs are severely lacking with outdated and conflicting information. With much experimentation, web searching and thanks to some help on the Sencha forum I managed, finally to get it installed. This […]