Whether you’re a new or seasoned Twitter user, you’re likely to come across confusing hashtags but these short links preceded by the sign (#) are integral to the way we communicate online, and it’s important to know how to use them.

As of 2011 there an estimated 800 million Facebook users, that is 1 in every 9 people on Earth, but pharma and healthcare companies beware – simply having a presence on Facebook won’t necessarily increase sales or referrals to your website. Get your Facebook strategy wrong and you could find yourself having to implement a […]

Twitter chats are one of the most useful ways for pharma and healthcare companies to engage other people in the industry as well as their potential customers. For those that are not aware of Twitter chats, they are arranged in advance with one or two hosts and at a pre-designated hashtag, which is used to […]

Genetic Digital has been shortlisted as a finalist at this years PM Society’s Digital Media Awards. Their LinkedIn campaign for Britannia Pharmaceuticals has been shortlisted under the ‘Social Media’ category. Damon Lightley, MD of Genetic Digital comments: “As a young but fast growing agency, to have our work credited by a highly reputable third party […]

Increasingly healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing budgets are moving to online spaces. In 2010 eMarketer predicted that online pharmaceutical advertising spending would rise to $1.52 billion by 2014. In 2011 spending rose 23.3% to $1.58 billion, and eMarketer are now predicting that online pharmaceutical advertising spend is likely to reach $2.48 billion by 2016. Marketing healthcare […]

The General Medical Council is on the case! In a very 21st century directive to its members it advises: The standards expected of doctors do not change because they are communicating through social media rather than face to face or through other traditional media. However, social media does raise new circumstances to which the established […]

An American think tank representing some of the biggest pharmaceutical and health companies in the United States has issued guidance for the use of social media and online forums in the industry. The group, known as the Digital Health Coalition (DHC), has produced a list of seven guiding principles in an effort at self-regulation. This […]

Online games are not an area that would normally be associated with the pharmaceutical industry but in March, leading international drug company Boehringer Ingelheim will launch a new interactive game on Facebook. The trading card style game, known as ‘Syrum’, will see players work from their laboratories as they bid to develop medicines that will […]

A new report from healthcare technology and services company Cegedim has investigated how much the world’s top 100 pharmaceutical companies spent on traditional sales force and marketing channel spend as well as their presence on Facebook and Twitter. Pfizer achieved first place for traditional spend and has also achieved the best social media presence – […]

One of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical companies has launched a social network-based service for doctors who are involved in commissioning mental health services. Janssen is teaming up with the NHS Confederation Mental Health Network to link up GPs using Yammer, which is a social networking programme not dissimilar to Twitter. It is often used […]