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Equally important to the success of a project is the techniques we employ to build your site and the technologies we use. Wherever possible, we use widely deployable, open source, industry standard tools and technologies ensuring you are never tied to proprietary software and are free to host your site where you wish.

All websites we build are constructed using W3C compliant code and are ‘search engine friendly’ which aids indexing by search engines and helps ensure it looks the same on different computers using different web browsers. And if your website needs to be optimised for mobile and smartphone browsers we will use responsive web design techniques to ensure that your website works effectively across multiple devices and platforms.

Sites are template driven so your design is separate from your content. This means you are free to make small or significant design changes to your site without the need to re-engineer your content.

Sites are typically built using an open source Content Management System (CMS) which allows for an expandable, plug-in type architecture ensuring that as business needs grow, future functionality can be planned and incorporated in a way that can take advantage of modern technology. It also ensures you have full control over the site content without having to rely on third parties to make changes for you. Some of the systems we use are:

  • WordPress. Although primarily blog software, WordPress is capable of managing an entire site and is very easy to use. Our own site runs on WordPress and the latest version includes more features similar to those of other CMS tools.
  • Joomla. For sites with bespoke requirements such as product catalogues Joomla is a comprehensive and adaptable choice but with a slightly steeper learning curve.
  • Drupal. The most difficult to use because it’s the most complex. Drupal is useful for very complex projects where WordPress or Joomla are not expandable enough.
  • Magento. A comprehensive and widely used ecommerce platform for use where the focus is on online sales and store fronts.

Using a CMS to self-administer a website greatly reduces maintenance overheads and allows for updates to be made at the client’s convenience. They are designed for non-technical users and do not require software to be installed.

As part of our website development process we also ensure that your website has the ability to track visitor numbers, engagement and conversions. This will help you to measure the performance of your website and your ROI. Typically this involves using free web analytics software like Google Analytics, but we can also incorporate other third party tracking scripts like Call Analytics into the website source code.

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